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          MUST READ

          Cruise Line Cancels Entire Season in South America Impacting Three Ships

          Costa Cruises has announced the cancellation of the 2020-2021 South America cruise season impacting three vessels.

          The Bahamas Will Reopen to Cruise Ships in Phase 4

          We're going to have to wait until the Bahamas feels it's safe to allow cruise ships to possibly resume visits in Phase 4.

          Photos of Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas After Float Out

          Royal Caribbean has released new photos of Wonder of the Seas just after her float out onto the water for the very first time.

          First Two Carnival Cruise Brands Are Resuming Cruises

          Carnival-owned Costa Cruises is about to restart operations in several days then followed by another Carnival brand Aida Cruises in November.

          Royal Caribbean Adapting Mobile App For Safer Cruises

          With these worrying times and a safer cruise vacation being more important than ever, Royal Caribbean is adapting its mobile app.

          Luxury Cruise Line Announces “Double Upgrade + Double Points” Promotion

          Azamara which a luxury cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean has announced a new two-part promotion with added benefits for future guests.

          MSC Launches Huge Labor Day Sale on Cruises From the U.S.

          MSC Cruises has launched its huge Labor Day sale that includes onboard credit and a range of impressive perks.

          Former Holland America Cruise Ship to Sail the UK

          Fred Olsen's new cruise ship which was recently purchased from Carnival-owned Holland America Line will sail the UK.

          CRUISE TIPS

          9 Things to Do on the MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship

          Here are the best things to do on the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship along with vessel facts and construction details.

          The Ultimate Guide on Carnival Ships by Age

          Use this ultimate guide on Carnival ships by age to keep track of the ever-growing fleet and all the former vessels.

          10 Things to Do on the Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship

          Find out what things to do on the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship which is operated by Celebrity Cruises with plenty of stats and facts.

          How to Social Distance Effectively on a Cruise?

          Cruise and travel tips on how to effectively social distance on a cruise vacation. A guide on helping you keep safe on the cruise ship and in port.

          NEVER MISS OUT!

          We'll keep you updated each week with the latest cruise trends, news and tips. You will also receive an exclusive link for wholesale cruise prices!

          Cruise Packing
          Packing tips for your cruise!

          Set Sail With Must-Pack Cruise On Gear

          Get packing for your cruise vacation and set sail with some Cruise On gear including luggage tags, lanyards and the cruise power strip.

          Set Sail With Must-Pack Cruise On Gear

          Get packing for your cruise vacation and set sail with some Cruise On gear including luggage tags, lanyards and the cruise power strip.

          Cruise Checklist: 9 Essentials to Pack for Your Cruise

          Packing for your upcoming cruise? Take a look at our cruise checklist of essentials - you won't want to forget anything on this list!
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