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          Royal Caribbean

          Cruise Lines Submit New Health Recommendations to CDC

          The Healthy Sail Panel which is a joint expert panel from Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line has submitted its recommendations to the CDC.

          Two Cruise Lines Suspend All Australia and New Zealand Sailings Until 2021

          Royal Caribbean owned cruise brands have announced the suspension of all sailings for the Australia and New Zealand region until 2021.

          New Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Receives Huge Name Along the Hull

          Odyssey of the Seas which is a new cruise ship under construction for Royal Caribbean has her huge name painted across the hull.

          Royal Caribbean Adapting Mobile App For Safer Cruises

          With these worrying times and a safer cruise vacation being more important than ever, Royal Caribbean is adapting its mobile app.

          Photos of Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas After Float Out

          Royal Caribbean has released new photos of Wonder of the Seas just after her float out onto the water for the very first time.

          Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises Cancel More Departures

          Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have extended their pause on operations in Australia and New Zealand.

          Caribbean Port Permits Two Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships to Dock

          The Caribbean port at St Kitts and Nevis has permitted two Royal Caribbean cruise ships to dock and crew members can go ashore.

          Royal Caribbean Owned Cruise Lines Extend Cancellation On U.S. Sailings

          Royal Caribbean Group has extended its suspension on cruise operations through October following CLIA announcement.

          Part of Bow Already Cut Off From the Former Sovereign of the Seas

          Work has already started on one of the former Royal Caribbean cruise ships which is being scrapped and recently beached in Turkey.