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          Set Sail Safely Act to Get Cruise Industry Moving Again

          Florida Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio have introduced a new Set Sail Safely Act to get the cruise industry moving again.

          Major Florida Cruise Port Extends Waiver on Docking Fees

          PortMiami continues to support the cruise industry which is in crisis due to the global health pandemic and the suspension of operations.

          Cruise Line CEO Says “The Cruise Industry is Close to Devastation” in Miami-Dade Meeting

          Major cruise lines want to begin cruising again in the United States and the NCL CEO has said "The cruise industry is close to devastation".

          The Bahamas Will Reopen to Cruise Ships in Phase 4

          We're going to have to wait until the Bahamas feels it's safe to allow cruise ships to possibly resume visits in Phase 4.

          PortMiami Moving Forward With Cruise Line Expansion Projects

          Major cruise line expansion projects at PortMiami, Florida are going ahead despite the cruise industry pause on operations.

          Cruise Ship Homeport Braces for Major Hurricane Laura

          The Port of Galveston which is a popular cruise homeport in Texas braces for the major category 4 Hurricane Laura.

          UK Cruise Line Already Verifies Return to Caribbean Port

          Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has already confirmed it will return the the Caribbean destination of St Kitts and Nevis in 2021 and 2022.

          Caribbean Port Announces It Will Reopen for Cruises in October

          St Kitts has announced it will reopen its borders to international tourism including cruise ships in October 2020.

          Ferry Operator Offers Tours to View Empty Cruise Ships off English Coast

          All those empty cruise ships off the South English coast have become in demand with a local ferry operator offering a closer look!