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          Fred Olsen Cruise Line

          Cruise Line Confirms it Will Retire Two Cruise Ships

          It has been confirmed that Fred Olsen Cruises will retire its two cruise ships named Boudicca and Black Watch.

          Two Sold Holland America Ships Heading to UK Cruise Line This Year

          It has been announced that the two of the sold Holland America cruise ships will be heading to British-based Fred Olsen Cruises.

          Cruise Line Extends Pause On Operations With No Return Date

          As major cruise lines have already announced an extended suspension on operations there is one cruise line in the UK which is keeping its return open.

          Fred Olsen Cruise Ship To Undergo Major Dry Dock

          The Black Watch cruise ship will undergo a major dry dock In November 2016

          Fred Olsen Cruise Line Cancels Next Black Watch Sailing

          Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has posted that it has cancelled its upcoming sailing out of Tilbury departing on July 8.

          Fred Olsen Cruise Line Decides To Fly Passengers Home After Fire Damages Engines

          The British based cruise line has now released further details on the developing aftermath of the fire which damaged three out of a total of seven Auxiliary Engines

          Fire On Fred Olsen Cruise Ship Damages 3 Auxiliary Engines

          On Friday morning, July 1 there was a fire onboard the Black Watch cruise ship which is operated by Fred Olsen Cruises

          Over 200 British Cruise Ships Passengers Fall Ill To Gastro Bug

          Struggles continue for the MV Balmoral voyage, it has seen its fair share of trouble recently. Now, a gastro virus has broken out on board.

          Fred Olsen Cruise Ship Tender Boat Malfunctions

          A Fred Olsen cruise ship tender boat has experienced a malfunction while doing a scheduled boat training drill.