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          Aida Cruises

          Carnival-Owned Cruise Line Delays Return Until November

          Carnival-owned Aida Cruises has delayed its return to service due to ongoing travel restrictions in Europe and official guidance.

          Cruise Line Scraps August Return and Now Aims for September

          Carnival-owned Aida Cruises has delayed its return of operations into September starting with cruise ships from Germany.

          Cruise Line Suffers Slight Setback on Resuming Cruises

          Carnival-owned Aida Cruises' restart of operations has a setback resulting in cruise cancellations for two ships.

          Cruise Line Will Restart Operations as Crew Members Test Positive for COVID-19

          Crew Members for German-based Aida Cruises have tested positive for COVID-19 but the cruise line still plans to resume sailings as scheduled.

          Three Carnival Corp Cruise Ships to Begin Sailing Next Month

          Carnival Corp's Aida Cruises which is based in Germany will begin cruises again starting from August 2020.

          Carnival-Owned Cruise Line Cancels Departures Until August 31

          Aida Cruises which is one of nine Carnival-owned cruise brands has announced an extension on its pause on cruises.

          Cruise Line Suspends All Sailings to the U.S. and Canada Until 2021

          Aida Cruises which is owned by the Carnival Corporation has suspended all cruises to the United States and Canada until next year.

          Carnival-Owned Cruise Lines Announce Further Pause in Operations

          Aida Cruises and Costa Cruises have both announced an extension on its pause on cruise operations through all of July.

          Carnival-Owned Cruise Line Extends Pause on Operations

          Carnival-owned Aida Cruises has followed most other cruise lines by extending its pause on cruise operations.