About Us

About Us

How It Started

It all started when Emrys Thakkar began a new adventure working for Carnival Cruise Lines in 2004. His very first ship was the Carnival Sensation and he loved it so much that in February 2008 he decided to launch his own personal site about cruise ships.

The site was pretty small just featuring a few of his favorite carnival ships and was more like a hobby. The site was just updated when he had time. A few years later the small personal hobby site became Cruise Hive! It was a catchy name that has continued until this day.


The first official Cruise Hive site wasn’t very large as Emrys only had time to maintain the site when he wasn’t on the ship or in between contracts. That was when he would add new pages and update current ones. He soon realized the site was getting many hits so decided to add even more pages along with several different designs.

In 2012 Emrys decided to leave the ship life and move to another country with his girlfriend as that is where she was from (They met on the ships!). Since leaving ships Emrys has had more time to update and maintain the site. Cruise Hive has grown from a small personal hobby to a mainstream source of all things cruise!



Cruise Hive aims to be a reliable source of all things cruise! We really want to help new and experienced cruisers learning more about the cruise industry with the latest breaking news, cruise tips, port guides and even ways to get a good deal!

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